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The Azuchi-Momoyama era

Utsunomiya in the Azuchi-Momoyama era

After Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI destroyed the Hojo clan of Odawara and unified the whole country, he stayed at Utsunomiya-jo Castle for approximately 10 days and decided placement of Kanto and Tohoku daimyos, a feudal lord of province. This is called Utsunomiya Shioki (punishment). Including Ieyasu TOKUGAWA and Masamune DATE, the war-torn daimyos of the eastern districts visited Utsunomiya-jo Castle and received judgment of Hideyoshi.

The Utsunomiya clan who was recognized as a family of a noble lineage came to be ousted suddenly in 1597. Castles other than Utsunomiya-jo castle were also demolished, and the use of them was forbidden.

After the Kunitsuna`s exile, it is Nagamasa ASANO who took charge of Utsunomiya-jo Castle as a Jodai (castle keeper). Nagamasa is the leading figure among the Gobugyo (five major magistrates) who supported the Toyotomi administration, which shows how important Utsunomiya was considered.