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Utsunomiya`s Folktales

Asahi Kannon Miracle ④

In 1773, more than 200 years ago, a fire broke out at a temporary residence in Nishihara. It was quite a big fire to the extent that it spread and destroyed 41 towns of Utsunomiya.
A carpenter Heisuke who deeply believed in Asahi Kannon was then cornered by fire and barely escaped to a front yard of Kannon-do at last. However, the force of the fire became more and more intense, with a crimson shower of the sparks rolling around the temple, and the sound of the collapsing buildings was like the thunder.
Prepared for death, Heisuke put his face on the ground, making the body small, and chanted the name of Kannon-sama over and over again. Then, strangely enough, force of the fire suddenly faded away around the temple and Heisuke only, just like a wave being pulled back. Heisuke was saved safely.