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Utsunomiya`s Folktales

Folktale Asahi Kannon Miracle

A Miracle happened to a person who believed in Kannon-sama (Kannon is an image of an enlightened person, helping others with mercy and compassion)

Folktale Asekaki Amida

Asekaki Amida (or sweating Amitabha) with whom a serious thing happens when it sweats

Folktale Prediction of the Ikari Flood

A story about an old lady who predicted a flooding

Folktale Suspended Ceiling of Utsunomiya-jo Castle

For keeping a secret with a set trap on a ceiling…

Folktale Kagamiga-ike Pond

Kagamiga-ike Pond (a mirror pond) where the mirror of “Shizukagozen” was found.

Folktale Yellow Crucian Carp and Folk Toy

4 stories including a yellow “crucian carp” which is said to cure diseases, etc.

Folktale Koshi-zakura

The heart of “a dutiful son” moved a god who made a cherry tree bloom

Folktale Joko-ji Temple

3 stories such as Buddhist Bonze who helped Tengu or a long-nosed goblin, etc.

Folktale Suzumeno-miya Shrine

A town developed from a Shinto shrine having a history of more than 1,000 years

Folktale Metal Buddha from 3 Pieces of Soybeans

An Osho or a chief Buddhist priest who made a long-cherished statue of Buddha from 3 pieces of soybeans

Folktale White Catfish and Old Well of Tobiyama Castle Site

Mysterious relationship between a princess and a white catfish