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Utsunomiya`s Folktales

Joko-ji Temple ① Joko-ji Temple Tengu

A long time ago there was an Osho, a chief Buddhist bonze, named Jozen, an excellent calligrapher, in a temple of Joko-ji Temple.
One night, an aged old man appeared in this bonze`s dream. “Tonight I managed to climb Mount Takahara and promised with a hermit to compare a progress of ourselves in improving in our penmanship. However, I have not mastered calligraphy yet. I have heard you are a very famous expert in the field. Would you lend me a helping hand for a while?” The old man talked to Jozen.
Jozen refused the request first, but accepted it reluctantly. Then soon after that, his right hand went numb, and he lost the use of the hand,
While he had wondered, the old man appeared in his dream again 3 nights later. “I was able to save my face in front of the hermit, thank you. I will watch this temple all the time from now on, and repay the favor,” he said and disappeared. Then, the numb arm was restored to normal again and became able to move freely.