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Asahi Kannon Miracle ②

Around the middle of the Edo era, a poor but very close couple lived in the vicinity of Kagamiga-ike near Futaarayama-jinja Shrine. This couple made a point of praying at Asahi Kannon every morning in hope of being given a child.
As their wish came true, a boy was given at last, and the couple were very much pleased with it. However, the mother died of a disease soon after the child was born. The father grieved over the death too deeply for the neighboring people to talk with him.
The father prayed to Asahi Kannon every morning and evening that the child could be brought up safely. When the child was hungry, he cried for milk. The neighboring people gave him some milk in the daytime, but nothing could be done about it in the night.
Father felt sorry for his child, and let the boy suckle on his breast, knowing it was impossible. Then, strangely enough, he gave milk like mother and was able to appease the hunger of the child. And the child seems to have grown into a gentle and cheerful boy safely.