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Utsunomiya`s Folktales

Asahi Kannon Miracle ③

There was a person named Shinkichi in Dojojuku who believed in Asahi Kannon deeply. Shinkichi came over to a bank of the Kinu-gawa River on his way back from a temple festival of Asahi Kannon, feeling a little tipsy. Then suddenly, some thieves who hid in the bush pulled a sword and attacked Shinkichi.
With the tipsy feeling having vanished, With the tipsy feeling having vanished, the upset Shinkichi escaped to a wharf at the riverside frantically. But for some reason, no ship was found on that particular day.
The cornered Shinkichi just kept praying to Asahi Kannon earnestly, and jumped into the river. Then, strangely, the body once sunk into the water rose up instantly and he became able to stand on the river.
And he was able to run on the surface of the Kinu-gawa River as if running on the ground, and crossed it to the opposite bank. The thieves could be merely stunned by this mysterious scene.