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Utsunomiya`s Folktales

Suzumeno-miya Shrine ① Sanekata FUJIWARA

At long last she managed to arrive in Suzumeno-miya of Shimotsukeno-kuni, but she got sick caused by fatigue with the long journey and died.
When Ayamehime breathed her last, she took out “a treasure ball” and handed it to a villager. “The ball which I have is an important treasure that the Fujiwaras have inherited successively, and it is a ball that Amaterasu Omikami (sun goddess) and Susanoo no Mikoto (younger brother god of the sun goddess) exchanged when they made a promise.
Since this ball has a mysterious soul of Susanoo no Mikoto, this village could prosper forever if you enshrined the ball as God to protect the village,” she left her last words.