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Metal Buddha from 3 Pieces of Soybeans

Then the priest said, “I cannot help you much at all as I am just a monk in a trip around the countries, but I will donate 3 pieces of soybeans that I have here with me now to your temple.” While Eiko Osho was being puzzled, the priest in a trip mentioned, “If you sow those 3 pieces of soybeans in the precincts, approximately 100 pieces of soybeans may be produced next year. Then you give one each of the soybeans to the believers of the temple and request them to donate to the temple all soybeans harvested from it. Then you share the soybeans with many believers again and have them put the grown soybeans to the temple. A dozen years later, a profit from the soybeans might become just amazing if you proceeded in this way,” he added. Eiko Osho smiled his thanks, saying “You are right for sure. I just wonder why I could not even think about it.”