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Shishi-Mai lion dance of Sekibori

The shishi-mai lion dance which has been handed down to Sekizawa district of Sekibori-cho from ancient times. It is said that when MINAMOTO no Yoshiie suppressed Oshu, he brought and left the dance to this place that used to be performed in Kyoto Imperial Palace, which is the reason why the dance is named Shishin-Den Shishi-Mai Fujiwara Kakusuke style. It is a three-lion dance with two-male and one-female lions performed in group of three people wearing a lion’s mask and is dedicated to Kannon-do hall of Sekizawa on the 16th.


Tenka-ichi Kanpaku-ryu Kami Shishi-mai (World No. 1 Kanpaku Style God Lion Dance)

Shishi-Mai lion dance of Kamiyokokura