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Tenka-ichi Kanpaku-ryu Kami Shishi-mai
(World No. 1 Kanpaku Style God Lion Dance)

It is a three-lion dance with two-male and one-female lions performed in group of three people wearing a lion’s mask, which is dedicated at Hakusan-jinja Shrine of Sakazura-cho on August 15 and on the day of Kaza-matsuri or winds festival now. Ordered by Ieyasu Tokugawa in 1600, Sakazura was offered to Utsunomiya Daimyojin Shrine as its go-jinryo (shrine estate) and in return got released from various duties. The local people have expressed their gratitude for the treatment by serving the lion dance. 


Shishi-Mai lion dance of Kamiyokokura

Shishi-Mai lion dance of Sekibori