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Kikusui-sai Festival

It developed as a tsuke-matsuri festival (sub-festival accompanying a main one) of “Akiyama-sai Festival” which is carried out on October 21, and the tsuke-matsuri is held on the last Saturday and Sunday of October every year. In the festival, Horen-Togyo and Yabusame are performed.; Horen-Togyo is a parade in the town of Utsunomiya conducted by the enshrined deity of Futaarayama-jinja Shrine, Toyokiirihiko no Mikoto being on board a mikoshi (a miniature shrine), and Yabusame is a ceremony of an archery on horseback. Further, Dashi and Yatai (festival cars decorated with gorgeous carvings) accompany the Horen-Togyo every several years.


Kagura of Futaarayama-jinja Shrine

Dengaku-Mai Dance of Horigome